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Progesterone in oil shots

TIP OF THE DAY: Progesterone in oil shots

In my experience, all of the IVF nurses - and doctors, too, for that matter - teach & administer injections the same way, by using the age-old "dart" method. Basically, a quick jab into the area. I found this to be extremely painful, especially when you are injecting into the same area repeatedly.
My dermatologist cousin once gave me my Progesterone shot and as sure as I am sitting here now, I swear I did not feel a thing. Hard to believe, I know, when we're talking about a harpoon-like needle!

How to correctly administer Progesterone in oil shots (intramuscular)

I thought this was a great tutorial of how to correctly administer Progesterone in oil shots. I will add a few thoughts though...
1)  "Flick" the syringe once you've drawn up the medication, in order to get rid of any air bubbles before injecting.
2)  I'd like to emphasize the importance of pulling back on the plunger, once the needle is all the way in, to check and make sure you did not hit a blood vessel. If you did, you will need to pull the needle out and find another spot on your upper/outter buttock area (it's OK to re-inject yourself with your own blood, in this case, but like anything else, confirm with your IVF nurse first).

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